Saturday, August 8, 2009

Boni hi! sk8!?

Metro Comicon and Manila Graphics Week is the best way to complete your day. Okay, after doing some of my thesis chapters or i must say a paragraph for a chapter lol, I planned to go to comicon at megamall and to bonifacio high street to make my day a little bit entertained and to be a little bit socialized with people who share same interest with me. Manila Comicon is cool not because of the cosplayers and the comics ( well of course its cool though ) but because of the indie comics where they let artist who are starting their business as comic book illustrators to showcase their work for just a small amount of bucks. Toys also did catch my attention cos im kinda a toy kiddo. toycon these pictures was taken a while ago while im wandering around the convention hall. enough of toycon. After toycon. We went to Manila Graphics Week event at Bonifacio high street where Pilipinas Street Plan was invited to paint. Unfortunately I got there around 7 and they started to paint like 5 pm. so no more space for me.. but i did manage to tag my signature name on the wall. haha lol.Photobucket this is the graffiti wall where psp painted. Then after they paint we eat, chat, and was invited by CSB to paint for their upcoming thesis? i forgot.. but anyway.. im the one who will be in charge for that event ( psp ) itwill be on aug 21 i think?then chill in the form of skating. Photobucket Addictive. Damn.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chapter 1 of my Thesis

Okay, this is my first blog ever created since birth. I know, I know I'm not that type of person that keeps updating another person about himself but yeah i cant afford to waste my time just by staring up the ceiling and hearing snores coming out from the other room where my auntie sleeps. I'm taking a break because I'm too tired to think a word that will best fit my sentence. Darn i thought this will take just a hour but I'm wrong, this thing takes forever. I'm doing this thesis study since 12 mn, now it is 4:09 am and i need to go to school at 7 am in the morning to attend my tv art class. Geez i want to sleep but i need to stick my ass on my desk chair to do some thesis requirement, i just realized that what im doing is so great! because im not the kind of person to sit 4 whole hours with just the Microsoft Word open. so yeahh I'm just bored. I need to catch up with my classmate who are also doing thesis same as me. Oh by the way I'm listening to All Time low's new album called Nothing Personal. all time low Pictures, Images and Photos punk rock fans will like this i guarantee you. well till my next post ( that means I'm bored ) I need to finish drafting. see ya!